14 fast-moving Copenhagen start-ups to watch in 2018

Everyone knows Copenhagen is scenic, historic and graceful. Everyone knows it is the home to Carlsberg, lots and lots of bikes and of course the Little Mermaid.

But what people are beginning to learn more and more about is the sheer scale of the city’s start-up ambitions.

According to #CPHFTW (Copenhagen For the Win), a start-up community led and organised by start-ups, the ambition is to make Denmark and the Öresund Region one of the best places in the world to start up. Other cities around Europe with their own start-up ambitions should take note of the collective and comprehensive power of #CPHFTW.

There are approximately 400 tech companies in Denmark that run the gamut of technologies from analytics and big data to gaming, cloud, fintech and apps.

The city of Copenhagen has a proud history of successful tech companies that include Zendesk (founded in a loft), Unity, Trustpilot, Siteimprove and Logpoint and one of its highest profile entrepreneur exports is Berlin-based Ida Tin, co-founder and CEO of the women’s menstruation-tracking app Clue.

Momentum is also being stirred by the arrival of ByFounders which has just revealed a new €100m fund for the region.

It is no surprise, therefore, that Copenhagen sees itself as a place Silicon Valley talent would want to migrate to in the coming years.

And so, here are the Copenhagen start-ups you need to watch in 2018:



Tonsser offers a vertical social network aimed at youth soccer players who want to get discovered by a bigger club. Currently live in France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Tonsser is planning a big foray into the UK market in 2018 and recently raised £2.5m in a new round. During the summer it emerged that Tonsser is collaborating with Nike and now has 380,000 youth players registered, up from 100,000 last year.


HR tech play Planday is an employee scheduling and communication app that claims to bring down staff costs by 5pc and administration time by as much as 75pc. The app is widely used by hotels, retailers, restaurants, call centres, fitness clubs and more. The company has raised more than $ 17m in three different rounds.

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