8 signs your diet is actually hurting your body

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Eating healthy and being on a diet is a good thing, right? Not necessarily, especially if the way you’re eating is negatively impacting your day-to-day life and your overall well-being.

INSIDER talked with two registered dietitians to get their take on if your diet could actually be hurting your body.

You have constant hunger or irritability

How many times have you started Monday morning on a new diet after a two-day binge-fest? If your goal is to starve out all of those extra calories you ate over the weekend, your first order of business might be to skip breakfast or maybe just sip on a cup of coffee. But that’s probably the worst thing you can do.

If you start your day off hungry but choose to ignore your stomach pains, there’s a good chance you will be reaching for anything by mid-morning.

“Inadequate calories and carbs can make you hangry,” Megan Ostler, RD at iFit, told INSIDER. “When your body gets overly hungry, you will probably gravitate toward sugar for quick energy, which can lead to your mood and blood sugars going on a wild roller-coaster ride,” she explained.

You’re overly tired

If you’re heading into mid-morning needing a nap, you may need to reexamine your diet. Restricting calories below what your body needs for too long can cause you to feel tired and make it difficult to focus.  In addition to not enough calories, Ostler said feeling overly-tired can also be because you aren’t eating enough carbohydrates, you’re dehydrated, or for many women, you’re not getting enough iron.

“Inadequate calories and carbs can affect your energy level, especially if they are decreased quickly as your body tries to conserve energy,” she said.

You have GI distress

If you’re spending too much (or not enough) time on the toilet, there’s a good chance your diet may be partly to blame. Constipation and diarrhea are both signs your diet may be negatively impacting your body. If you’re not eating enough fiber, you may be “backed-up” and unable to have a bowel movement. Ostler said you may notice negative GI changes if you cut out healthy soluble fibers found in grains. “This is one of the first ways your body will warn you about your health.”

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