A new Montreal-made app wants to help you track your well-being

inpower, a Montreal-based developer, just released a new app aimed at helping iPhone users track their well-being.

Like the company itself, the app is called inpower. The company claims it’s the “first auto-coaching app to rate and manage your well-being,” in a recent press release.

The app attempts to help users complete their daily routines. According to inpower, mastering your daily routine will help you start to think and act more positively,

inpower works by measuring the user’s physical, mental and social well-being by asking them to answer a series of questions that builds out a ‘well-being score’.

There are six sections within the app that allow users to track their well-being: environment, body, mind, spirit, relationships and accomplishments.

Depending on their score, the user chooses which areas they wish to address and then sets up some steps and goals. After every week, users will get reassessed to help track their improvements.

The app is free to download, but to unlock its pro-level features it costs $ 9.99 CAD a month or $ 39.99 a year. The subscription tier adds features like more detailed insights and more.

inpower is currently available to download for free on the iOS app store. It’s coming to Android soon.

Source: inpower Self-imporvement inc

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