Alexa’s new ‘Follow-Up Mode’ listens for more commands

Amazon has announced a new feature for its Alexa digital voice assistant called ‘Follow-Up Mode.’

With Follow-Up Mode, the digital assistant listens for five seconds after she’s finished responding. The blue light, on the Echo device, will stay on during the five seconds to show that the assistant is still listening.

The user is not required to call out Alexa again, and if the user doesn’t say anything Alexa will go back to sleep.

Even though she’ll wait a little longer, the digital assistant can still only respond to one command at a time.

For instance, a user might say “Alexa turn off the lights,” then wait for Alexa to respond. Immediately following the AI’s response, the user can say, “set the thermostat to 24” and Alexa will confirm the second command.

Users can also end the commands by saying “thank-you,” or “stop.”

To enable the Follow-Up Mode, open the Alexa app then head to the settings. Once there, select the specific device, and then tap on the Follow-Up Mode toggle to turn it on.

According to CNETthe feature works on all of the Echo and other third-party devices. The feature is only available for U.S. English and won’t work when listening to music, streaming an audiobook or making a call.

We’ve reached out to Amazon to see if this feature will work in Canada.

Source: CNET

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