BBEdit 12 — A powerful new upgrade

BBEdit 12 is now live. It’s an incredible update, with tons of new features.

I had a chance to see a pre-release of this new version and I have to say, it’s incredible how much work Rich and the team did here. My two favorite features? Canonize and Columns.

Canonize is a search and replace supercharger, letting you build a master transformation file filled with all sorts of search and replace commands. You can even Canonize a proper case spelling of a word. So you could ask Canonize to replace all instances of noerr, NOERR, NoErr with noErr by just including noErr in your list.

Columns lets you select, copy, and rearrange columns of text or data. It’s incredibly powerful.

These are but two of many new features, the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a summary of the high points, and a deep dive set of release notes.

On pricing:

BBEdit 12 has a suggested retail price of US$ 49.99. Owners of BBEdit 11 can upgrade for US$ 29.99. Owners of BBEdit 10 or earlier (including customers who purchased BBEdit in the Mac App Store) can upgrade for US$ 39.99.

Anyone who purchased BBEdit on or after March 1, 2017 is eligible to receive a free upgrade.

BBEdit is one of two of my must-have Mac utilities (Keyboard Maestro being the other). A no-brainer upgrade.

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