Fan are furious about Kim Kardashian West’s new line of concealers that cater almost entirely to white people

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People are already criticizing Kim Kardashian West’s new line of KKW Beauty concealers for not being inclusive — and the products aren’t even on sale yet. 

Conceal, Bake, Brighten on 03.23 at 12pm PST available exclusively at KKWBEAUTY.COM #KKWBEAUTY #ConcealBakeBrighten

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The “Conceal, Bake, Brighten” line goes on sale on Friday, March 23. The product collection has 16 shades, which KKW Beauty modeled on a diverse group of women.

Concealer Kits launching on 03.23 at 12pm PST only at KKWBEAUTY.COM #KKWBEAUTY #ConcealBakeBrighten

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But some people are criticizing the line for not being as diverse as it seems. As many have pointed out online, the collection comes in 16 shades. Of the 16, 10 shades are light, four are deep, and two fall somewhere in the middle.

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People have taken to Twitter to air their concerns.

One Twitter user called the line a “fail.”

Others think that this line doesn’t even come close to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty concealers, which come in 40 shades.

Some people think the line shows that the Kardashians have demonstrated a pattern of cultural appropriation.

“Their whole family seems to want to profit off of black people, have mixed kids, but won’t do anything for black people aka being better with shades and educated on issues,” Twitter user @anisaalilliee wrote.

Others have been reiterating that the orange undertones in the four deep shades are cause for concern.

But some people are defending the makeup line.

Mouna Fadiga, one of the KKW Beauty models, even defended the products in light of the controversy, Refinery 29 reported.

I can tell you that they did not chose (sic) me only to pretend; I had the makeup on and It fits perfectly my skin color. I am not wearing any makeup usually so I know when I have it on if it’s good or not and here it was the case, I even keep (sic) it on me and went [to] have dinner [with] a friend,” Fadiga reportedly said.

Fadiga and representatives for KKW Beauty didn’t immediately respond to INSIDER’s request for comment.

KKW Beauty isn’t the only makeup brand to face backlash this year. Tarte faced a similar controversy in January when its Shape Tape Foundation line was released with 15 shades Also in January, it Cosmetics was in a comparable situation for its selection of shades.

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