From a murderer who escaped custody on a motorbike to a criminal who got a hair transplant, these are the most dangerous fugitives in Europe

Europol most wanted

Europe’s police agency has announced a new list of its most wanted fugitives, in the hope of flushing them out over the summer holidays.

Europol, an umbrella body which coordinates various police forces around the continent, named 21 runaways accused of crimes ranging from child sex offence and murder to armed robbery.

The men were chosen from the agency’s larger “EU most wanted” list, which currently features 66 people.

Europol wrote a mocking vacation “postcard” to each man, expressing how eager they are to see them again after so long.

Business Insider analysed the entries and selected the 10 of most serious charge sheets on the list:

AUSTRIA: Murder suspect who escaped custody on a motorbike.

Tibor Foco, 61, a former motorbike racing champion, has been on the run for 22 years. His mugshot is a computer-enhanced image which attempts to show how he may have aged since escaping.

He was convicted in the mid-1980s for murdering a prostitute, whom he allegedly shot in the head with a revolver, according to Interpol. He served almost a decade in prison for the crime.

Foco’s case was reopened, and during that time he was allowed to visit the University of Linz to study. During one visit he escaped, apparently with help. Police say a rented motorbike, a change of clothes, and food had been left for him in a toilet block.

Austrian authorities are offering a €2,900 reward (£2,600 / $ 3,400) for information leading to his capture.

ITALY: Neapolitan gangster who started a blood feud.

Marco di Lauro, 37, is part of the Camorra crime syndicate in Naples.

He is wanted on a slew of Mafia-like charges, including murder, arson, drugs trafficking, racketeering, and extortion.

Europol said he help start a bloody gang war with a rival organisation in the early 2000s, which became known as the “secondigliano feud.”

He has been on Italy’s most wanted list since 2005. He has been sentenced to at least 11 years in prison.

SWEDEN: Neo-Nazi murder suspect.

Simon Rolf Arnamo, 26, a neo-Nazi, is wanted over a murder in 2012.

His alleged victim, Joakim Karlsson, was found stabbed to death outside a supermarket in Stockholm, according to the Swedish Expressen newspaper.

Europol says he is a member of far-right group The Swedish Resistance Movement.

One person, a 17-year-old, was sentenced over the killing in 2013, but Arnamo has managed to stay one step ahead of the authorities.


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