Get These 10 Mac-Boosting Apps for 90% off

Apple produces some powerful products, but if you’re not using the right apps, you’re likely not pushing your Mac to its fullest potential. Of course, the App Store is a vast place, and finding the apps that are worth your time can be challenging. Fortunately, the 2018 Mac Essentials Bundle delivers 10 of the best, and it’s on sale for a fraction of the cost.

From photo editors to anti-malware solutions, this bundle is loaded with elite apps to optimize your Mac. If you find yourself struggling to stay on top of your to-dos, BusyCal3 provides a host of time-saving features to keep you in step with your schedule, and it syncs across multiple cloud services. For those concerned with their online privacy, this collection also includes a subscription to Cargo VPN, so you can surf the Web unrestricted and in complete, encrypted anonymity.

You can unlock these apps and more with the 2018 Mac Essentials Bundle, now on sale for $ 25 CAD [$ 20 USD], more than 90% off the usual price.


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