Google pay is getting mobile tickets and actions integration

Google Pay

At one of the smaller developer meetings during I/O, Google talked about some of the new features it’s adding to Google Pay.

The company has now shared an Android Developer blog post about new features like boarding pass and ticket integration, along with a way to use payment platform in Google Actions.

Google began by touching on the web and in-app versions of Google Pay. The company has released a new ‘developer doc‘ to show how easy it can be to integrate its platform into online stores or apps.

It will soon be more seamless for customers to add their card information to Google Pay on one device and access it on another, regardless of operating system, says Google. This functionality will be launching soon, but Google has not yet given a release date.

Google is also adding the ability for mobile tickets and passes into the Pay app as well. Transit passes were launched in Nevada back in March, and now the company is expanding on that idea with support for boarding passes, concert tickets and more. Google has shared that they’ve partnered with Ticketmaster and Southwest Airlines. MobileSyrup has reached out to see if the service will also make its way to Canada.

Now that Google has added these passes, the Google Pay app is starting to shape up to be more like Apple’s wallet app.   

The company is also making it easier for developers to integrate Google Pay into Actions. Actions are basically smaller sections of apps that can be accessed by Google Assistant, Search, Maps and more.

With Google Pay now being able to be part of actions, it will be easier for users to call and pay for an Uber from Google Assistant, for example.

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