iPad Pro plus Mac is a whole greater than the sum of its parts

Carolina Milanesi, Tech.Pinions:

If you insist on looking at iOS 11+iPad Pro=PC you might miss the opportunity for this combo to live up to its full potential. I know for many PCs and Macs are synonymous of work and productivity, therefore my suggestion to start looking at the iPad Pro differently is missed on them. Yet, I promise you, there is a difference between wanting to replicate what you have been doing on a PC and wanting to understand if the iPad Pro can fit your workflow or even if it could help your workflow change to better fit your needs.

A lot of ink has been spilled on the topic of making the iPad Pro your main computer, replacing your Mac or PC. But Carolina makes the point that the iPad Pro, combined with iOS 11 (and that’s important), has now evolved into a device with distinct advantages, depending on your workflow.

Drag and drop is a good example:

This is possibly the best example of a feature that despite sharing the same name on the Mac is made zillion times better by touch. It turns something that is cumbersome to do with the mouse in something super intuitive.

And another:

I read many reports and I used to print them out and annotate them, highlight them and then take pictures of them so that I would not file them somewhere safe and never see them again. All those steps are now condensed for a much more efficient and equally productive experience. In this case, it is not about being able to do something I was doing on my Mac. It is, instead, the ability to fully digitize a workflow.

Read the whole thing. This fundamentally changed the way I see the iPad and Apple Pencil. Good stuff.

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