Ketchup to this news, hot dog lovers — Oscar Mayer adds a drone to its WienerFleet of vehicles

The Oscar Mayer WienerFleet of vehicles includes a new drone. (Kraft Heinz Co. Photo)

Just in time for Fourth of July celebrations, hot dogs will be falling from the sky.

Oscar Mayer announced Monday that its WienerFleet, which includes the famous hot-dog-in-a-bun-shaped Wienermobile, can now boast WienerDrone, the “first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft designed for remote location delivery.”

While I’ve actually seen the Wienermobile in person, who knew that the fleet also had a WienerMini? And a WienerRover? And now in addition to the drone, there’s a WienerCycle, too, with a sidecar that serves as a hot-dog warming station. All of the vehicles are designed to deliver hot dogs to hungry hot dog fans — and, obviously, promote the hell out of Oscar Mayer products.

Pittsburgh-based Kraft Heinz Co. is sending the fleet on the road for the holiday, and because this is America, the destination is Weiner, Ark. If you happen to be in that town on July 4, look up for a drone-dropped dog — hopefully not slathered in ketchup.

And if you want the Wienermobile to roll into your town, of course there’s a hashtagged contest for that: