McDonald’s is bringing back its famously large and small takes on the Big Mac — here’s how they stack up against the original (MCD)

McDonald's Mac Jr Big Mac 4

  • McDonald’s is reportedly re-releasing the “Grand Mac” and “Mac Jr.” for a limited time.
  • They’re different-sized variations on the chain’s iconic Big Mac sandwich. The Grand Mac is much larger, and the Mac Jr. is a smaller, single-patty sandwich. 
  • Despite how it sounds, they’re surprisingly practical for those who love Big Macs but either can’t finish one or aren’t fully satisfied by one.

The Big Mac — America’s burger — just got better. 

Well, bigger. And smaller. 

This month marks the triumphant, albeit limited, return of the “Mac Jr.” and the “Grand Mac,” which were first released as limited items in January 2017. Brand Eating was first to report on the special burgers’ return to menus, though it hasn’t been confirmed when and where the Mac Jr. and Grand Mac will be available. 

The Mac Jr. is a smaller, single-patty cheeseburger with all the other Big Mac accoutrements. The Grand Mac is an even larger version of the Big Mac, with 61% more beef than its precursor. 

When the burgers first came out last year, we grabbed all three members of the Mac family to see how they compared:

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McDonald’s signature burger has some company with the return of the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac.

The Mac Jr. is a tad underwhelming. Given the dainty name, I half-expected it to be a puny, novelty-sized burger. But alas, it’s merely a normal single patty cheeseburger with Big Mac sauce.

In a word, it’s fine. It doesn’t have the panache of the Big Mac double-patty, triple bun stack, but the sauce still tastes delicious and the pickles still add a satisfying crunch. It’s hardly filling, but it may be good for a quick snack on the go.

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