Microsoft reportedly working on a foldable notebook-like device

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Microsoft was once working on a product called the Microsoft Courier, according to a new report.

The Courier was a note-taking-focused tablet that was capable of actually folding in the middle like a book. The Courier also came with a stylus, allowing users to take notes.

Unfortunately the Microsoft Courier never came to market, though according to Windows CentralMicrosoft is working on a device that features a similar concept.

Windows Courier notebook

While Microsoft has been adapting its Windows 10 software to work with 32-bit and 64-bit multicore ARM-based processors, it looks like this rumoured notepad device, will also run on an ARM chipset.

Though Windows Central doesn’t offer any specifics regarding this upcoming Courier-like device, Microsoft will reportedly focus on getting universal Windows apps such as OneNote and Edge up and running on it. With the help of upcoming Windows 10 emulation software — codenamed Andromeda — the Courier-like device would also possibly run desktop apps.

Additionally the notebook tablet will also feature a dedicated app that mimics what writing in a real notebook would feel like.

Source: Windows Central

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