Pinergy announces partnerships with Irish energy technology providers

Pinergy has today (31 October) announced that it is to establish a new energy services division that is dedicated to providing a range of energy-efficient technology solutions to domestic and business users alike.

Some of Ireland’s most innovative energy technology players are partnering with Pinergy to support solutions ranging from solar and wind energy to LED lighting and refrigeration energy systems.

New partnerships for Pinergy

New partners include Airsynergy, a Dublin-based cleantech firm that designs and makes micro-turbine technology; Solar Electric, a leading solar PV firm in Ireland; Get Solutions, an energy consultation business; CHP, a company specialising in geothermal systems and Glenergy, a provider of energy-efficient technology for heat pumps. LED lighting technology and retrofitting will be covered by GE Lighting through local distributor MCL Lighting.

Each of the partnership technologies will be underpinned with smart energy management software that will give insights to customers to help them reduce and manage their energy consumption in a user-friendly dashboard format.

Tailored energy solutions

Pinergy has also expanded its energy advisory team to work with prospective and existing customers on an individual basis to create a tailored energy solution, whether that’s lowering carbon emissions or reducing energy wastage.

Enda Gunnell, CEO of Pinergy described 2017 as a “milestone year” for the company. “We are seeing real traction in demand for more innovative and energy efficient solutions to meet the needs of both homes and businesses.”, added Gunnell.

Gunnell also explained that the extension of Pinergy’s smart meter-based offering into the SME sector and micro-sectors like fast food and fairy farming has proved successful: “Our energy supply and services offering allows businesses eliminate administrative costs in their business, manage risks associated with energy consumption, budget with certainty, and use real time information about their consumption to enable change and better manage and reduce their energy costs.”

These new advisory services and smart energy solutions sees the company forecasting growth from their existing customer base of 35,000 homes and businesses.

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