reddit, we’re less than 3 weeks out from the big Internet-Wide Day of Action for Net Neutrality on July 12. Help us pick a nickname for it.

Hey reddit,

We’re now just a little more than two weeks out from the big Internet-Wide Day of Action for Net Neutrality planned for July 12th.

This thing has gained a ton of momentum, and we’ve already got a bunch of the most popular sites on the Internet on board including Twitter, Amazon, Etsy, Kickstarter, Netflix, Mozilla, Pornhub, Private Internet Access, Github, OK Cupid, Soundcloud, and Imgur. Plus, Reddit itself and more than 100 subreddits!

We’ve taken in a ton of the ideas that people have voiced in previous reddit threads and through email and have unveiled several examples of the types of messages that sites, forums, apps, and services can display on July 12. Companies and Internet users are going to take action by putting a prominent message in their sites and social media accounts to alert their audience about what’s at stake if we lose net neutrality, and what we can do about it before the FCC comment deadline. The goal is for every participant to do whatever the biggest thing they can do is that reaches as much of their audience as possible — and directs people to where people can submit a comment to the FCC and Congress, like

The plan is set. The code is being built. New people and sites are joining every day. Now there’s just one thing left. We need to know what we call this mass online protest! We've got some great ideas, but we want to know what will stick, i.e. what the Internet wants to call it.

We’ve kicked around a ton of ideas, and maybe it doesn’t need a name beyond “Internet-Wide Day of Action for Net Neutrality,” but we decided to open it up for more feedback and ideas from the Internet. So that’s where you come in. Please suggest ideas for names of the July 12 day of action in the comments, and note it by starting your comment with “PROPOSAL.” Then people can upvote names they like, and comment on them to suggest variations.

What makes a good name?

  1. It clearly describes both the problem (what taking away net neutrality would do to the Internet) and the solution (what we are doing on July 12 in response.) — For example the “SOPA Blackout” and the “Internet Slowdown.” The most important thing is that it makes it clear to people what they should do on that day to participate.

  2. It’s short, one or two words, and also makes a good hashtag and headline for a page.

  3. It’s accessible to a wide range of people, doesn’t use insider jargon or inside jokes or confusing terminology, and does not come off as partisan.

The ones that we’ve come up with so far are: Internet Shutdown, Break the Internet, The Slowpocalypse, Internet Day, and Internet Emergency.

We may end up having more than one “nickname” for the day of action, so feel free to go wild, get creative, and let’s come up with something to call this awesome thing that we are all doing together to defend the free and open Internet that we love. For more context about net neutrality in general and the day of action, see my previous update.

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