The 13 best countries to live in if you want to be your own boss

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No matter how far along you are in your career, the nine-to-five slog can get boring, and the idea of making your own hours and deadlines gets more and more attractive.

In order to inspire you to go freelance, UK B2B comparison site Expert Market has produced a ranking of the best countries to live in if you want to be your own boss.

The study looked at economic and lifestyle factors in 57 countries around the world. They combined data on the cost of living, average internet speeds, the quality of the transport system, number of free wifi spots, the cost of a cup of coffee, individual income tax rates, as well as the ease of starting a business and access to credit.

Scroll down to see the 13 best countries in the world to be self-employed, ranked in ascending order:

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13. Portugal. First in the top 13, this European country has good access to credit, decent transportation, and cheap coffee at just £1.02 on average.

12. France. The home of Paris and countless cafés, France ranks highest in the top 13 on the Cost of Living Index.

11. Latvia. Head to the likes of Riga or Daugavpils for cheap coffee and relatively low income tax rates.

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