What does the hiring process at a top company entail?

Getting a foot in the door at the top firms around can seem nebulous at best. You occasionally hear rumours of prospective employees being asked to calculate how many tennis balls could fit into the Atlantic Ocean or to design an evacuation plan for the building they’re in.

Of course, it’s easy to see how tackling these kinds of issues could give valuable insight into a candidate’s ability to problem solve, or their preferred problem-solving style, but it’s also sometimes refreshing to hear that a dynamic, innovative company like Voxpro – powered by Telus International has a more straightforward process.

Russell Keogh, a team manager at Voxpro, says that while a tech-related background is ideal, it’s not necessary. “What we look for is the person themselves.”

“You can train things like tech, and it’s an ongoing process, but what you can’t train is the customer experience. That’s what we want to give to our clients and their customers.”

“That beautiful customer experience that comes from positivity and the person themselves, so that’s obviously what we’re looking for as number one [priority].”

Annika Smith, a Tier One on the Dutch customer service team, fit the bill of the ideal employee because she had one key trait for relating to customers and making them feel at ease – empathy.

“You have to have empathy because you’re dealing with the customers and they’re having problems or have questions, and you have to picture yourself in their situation,” Smith explained.

Smith went on to say that while these interpersonal skills are vital, a few key traits will also be pretty helpful. “As you’re working away, an important skill is multitasking because you’re working on the computer, you’re listening to the customer, you’re typing, you’re talking, you’re concentrating.”

And lastly, be a fast typist –  that’s definitely going to help!”

Inês Prates is a talent consultant at Voxpro, and so she’s observed the process of both recruiting new talent and fostering talent within the company first-hand, and one thing she feels is important to highlight is the potential for upward career mobility at the company.

“We have internal training programmes in place and always promote internal career progression, so our employees might start in a junior role and then work their way up to a senior role.”

For more experienced hires, the process is a little more rigorous and complex.

“For senior roles, the recruitment process takes longer because they will need to meet with a recruitment consultant, a hiring manager and as well sometimes a panel of senior stakeholders.

“I guess that we always need to keep in mind that the complexity of work or level of responsibility it will take.

“Based on that we might need to assess their skills in different ways, by sending them psychometric tests or doing assessment centres, because at the end of the day we just want to hire people that want to have a positive impact on our business.”

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