Yours for £100 million: A ‘private palace’ with a 200-person dining room and columns from the ruins of Pompeii is on sale in London


LONDON — A stately home in London which sellers say “rivals Buckingham Palace” is on sale in London for £100 million.

Doughty House, in Richmond, was built in 1769, and hosted generations of royals and aristocrats before falling into a state of disrepair. Now, it is being renovated by ultra-prime developer K10 Group.

The acquisition, construction, restoration, and fit-out costs are £62.5 million, and with a guide price of £100 million, it is valued as one of the capital’s most expensive private residences.

Take a look at past and present pictures of the house below.

The three-storey Doughty House was originally built in 1769 and is located at the crest of Richmond Hill in south-west London, providing views of the River Thames.

The house passed through generations of extremely wealthy aristocrats before ending up in the hands of a developer in 1949.

A lack of investment meant the 38,000 square foot property fell into a state of disrepair.

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